L-1 Visa

If you want to transfer within your company from another country to the United States, you will need to apply for an L-1 visa. l1a visa can transfer an employee to a US branch of the company under an L-1B visa, but some requirements must be followed first. The petitioning employer must have a valid relationship with the foreign branch or subsidiary where the worker is going, and the company must actually provide a product or service within the US.
Petition, the one-year foreign employment requirement has been met. The petitioner has the financial ability to remunerate the beneficiary and to commence doing business in the United States. He properly advices you accordingly to your immigration status. We know that you may have many questions about the process of attaining an L-1B visa.
They also serve the purpose of informing the applicant about his or her biometric and interview process. One can apply for a USA – L-1 Visa only through his or her employer. You can visit the office but there may be certain restrictions in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic. We offer these services as a one-time fee or monthly representation fee. It may sound simple, but the steps require significant time and in-depth analysis of your immigration history and the legal requirements. We recommend to speak with us as early as you are thinking about it.
The petitioner provides the worker’s salary and any normal employer- provided benefits such as health insurance. Rank and salary might be factors considered when analyzing whether a beneficiary has specialized knowledge, but there is no requirement that a beneficiary be of a certain rank or have a salary “elevated” compared to his or her peers. The beneficiary has knowledge of a process or product that either is sophisticated or complex, or of a highly technical nature, although not necessarily unique to the firm. The beneficiary possesses knowledge of a product or process that cannot be easily taught to another individual without significant economic cost or inconvenience. Supporting evidence – We ensure that the applicant’s eligibility is sufficient and solidly documented for inspection by immigration officers.
Upon approval, the first L-1 visa is valid for three years during which an individual in L-1 status can legally work for the sponsoring employer. After that, L-1 extensions are available in two year increments. An L-1B visa can be extended once, for a total of five years of eligibility. An L-1A Visa can be extended twice, in two year increments, for a total of seven years of eligibility. Companies that that utilize the L-1B visa will experience significant benefits. However, due to the complexity of L-1B cases, it is strongly recommended that L-1B visa applicants or employers work with a legal professional.
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The L-1B visa/status is available to individuals who possess a specialized knowledge and who wish to transfer from a foreign company to an affiliate, subsidiary, or parent of a company in the United States. To be eligible, transferees must have worked for the eligible foreign company for one continuous year within the three years of the application date. Additionally, the foreign and U.S. companies must be and continue to be doing business with one another. Stay and ExtensionsThe initial period of approval allowed for L-1 category is a maximum of three years.
If your interview goes well, your visa will be processed and you can go and get your passport stamped. Has control over the supervisors and lower level employees of the organization or the division which the manager heads. Must possess unique or special knowledge that pertains to their organization, service, research, product, techniques, management, equipment, or procedures of the organization. The employer listed on the L-1B visa should also be the employer in charge of the L-1B visa holder’s salary and benefits. If the employee is providing labor for hire to an unaffiliated employer.