Mobile Patrols Alaska’s Only Professional Central Monitoring Station

The mobile patrol app partners with public safety and law enforcement agencies nationwide so citizens can recieve timely access to important safety information in their communities. This is especially important to law enforcement; staying in touch with the citizens we protect is imperative. A patrolling security officer can offer a wide range of security checks that is not possible with static security equipment like CCTV cameras. A camera will only provide a visual of a particular area and then the guard will have to reach the location. Installing security types of equipment that will cover a large premise is costly as well.
Co-ordinated through our 24-hour hotline number, these units attend alarms and provide support to other security staff in the event of an incident. They patrol in sectors to ensure minimum response times and mutual support. Let’s just say for example you own a liquor store with a small parking lot, you could have the outer perimeter patrolled by security, patrolling the building and parking lot.
INTERAGENCY RESPONSE mobile patrol uses GPS to track the officer’s location so clients know where their security personnel are at all times. Frequently random visits during the day and night in clearly marked, two-way radio equipped patrol vehicles are a proven deterrent to thieves and vandals. In addition, we provide supporting signage stating that your property is patrolled by Gettier Security. Gettier Security officers provide rapid response to incidents and alarms.
Any issues are reported back to our control center in real-time and we provide you with a detailed incident response report. In the event of alarm activation, we will rapidly dispatch an officer in Uniform to the site with your keys. Provide faster emergency response and situational management in the event of a crisis.
Our mobile patrol officers operate within planned patrol routes, carried out continually and randomly so intruders never know what’s around the corner. Stonewater Security mobile security service understands that every property is unique. That’s why we provide personalized recommendations to improve your property’s security, ensuring that you have the ultimate protection tailored to your specific needs.
Our team is agile, responsive, and trained in the latest technology and defense methods for optimal protection, includingarmed patrols. Here at Shergroup, we offer highly trained mobile security patrol services. Our highly skilled and experienced mobile patrol team will visit your site with our marked security vehicles, equipped with the necessary security tools. Our mobile security patrol will keep an eye on all your properties against criminal activity such as theft and vandalism and keep them protected.
Then the data can be sent to the clients through which the validation of the work is made easy. This will also increase the efficiency of the mobile security guard as they will know that their performance will be recorded. Mobile patrols are conducted with the help of equipment such as automobiles, bicycles, ATVs, and golf carts. The NOC is critical to delivering quality service to our customers and ensures we are able to deliver you with the right security guard, at the right place, with the right qualifications at the right time. All our Protective Services are backed by the NOC so you have the peace of mind that your site is protected how it should be. Mobile patrols really are the first line of defense when it comes to keeping customers, visitors, and staff safe during the day and making sure everything stays as it should be overnight.
They will out-perform other guards, and conduct the service with more efficiency. Mobile patrols eliminate idle time because the officer is always on the move, actively patrolling. BPG develops appropriate KPIs with our clients to make sure attendance at alarm activations is within the agreed time lapse. Our highly efficient electronic messaging system also keeps all of our Senior Management Team notified of all incidents in real time.
Mobile security services will help the guard in optimizing the duties assigned to them. You can easily optimize your security strategies with patrol services that will use a security management system. Some locations will require constant 24-hour security, whilst others may require random security patrols day or night. At Alert Eagle Security we provide an excellent patrolling service to your property, at random or pre-arranged times, to act as a visible deterrent to any potential intruders. Mobile patrols are a key service to support all industries including construction, retail, corporate and commercial. Mobile patrols generally operate alongside existing CCTV monitoring and/or manned guarding, and it’s a security service that is active day and night.