Unique Fundraising Ideas and School Fundraiser Planning

The second way is to have a custom calendar for every child. And parents will love this to show off on their wall or refrigerator. It’s a large endeavor, but easier to manage if you build a great team and take everything one step at the time.
Work with our event coordinators and hosts to determine the best package for your event. Corporate social responsibility has become a keyword for running a successful 21st-century business. Corporations like Tom’s, State Bags, and Patagonia are leading the way in giving back. They are creating cultures with strong ties to the community, a deep devotion to bettering society, and are working to engage employees to do the same.
Lastly, fill out the Local Merchant Agreement and make sure to attach any logos the merchant wants to use. When you Place Your Order with ABC Fundraising® you can simply fax or email the merchant agreement to us and we will begin printing the custom coupons for your fundraiser. You should have your Spinners® approximately one week later. Spread the word about your fundraiser with our attractive Country Meats posters. Hang them in the halls, in meeting rooms, and wherever else your customers spend time to get taste buds tingling and wallets opening.
This event retains the donation potential of a run-a-thon while not putting so much pressure on your young participants. If you’re racking your brain trying to think of school fundraisers that will bring together parents and students, look no further than a family picture day. Discount card fundraisers empower your students’ parents and other family members to shop for a cause while shopping for clothes or eating out. Collaborate with local shops to create a mutually beneficial fundraiser where every card sale for them means a percentage of profit for you. If the above read-a-thon fundraiser caught your attention, then a library fundraiser is another reading-centered campaign that you should consider!
For organizations looking to spread the word about their fundraising efforts and collect much-needed revenue for their missions, GivingMail just might be the perfect solution. Plus, BWF’ organizations that donate to nonprofits extend beyond the typical consulting firm model. In addition to offering guidance and advice, BWF connects directly with donors to learn more about how they think, feel, and behave. Then, organizations work with BWF to segment supporters, create streamlined donor journeys, and convert more prospects into true supporters. Donorly’s goal is to provide small and mid-sized nonprofits with the needed staff power to increase their capacity, helping them meet and exceed their fundraising goals. Rather than working with an external team, Donorly consultants will walk alongside your team in-house.
Soapbox Engage charges a platform fee of 1.9% (the first $2,000 of transactions per month do not incur this fee), plus credit card processing fees. If you are using FutureFund, it’s easy for students to sign up, especially if their information is already in the system. All donor payments are automatically entered into the system, so you can instantly see each student’s total and the grand total. If you are using FutureFund, you can record these pledges and they will automatically count towards the student’s total and the grand total for the fundraiser. Instead of dealing with paper pledge forms and cash and cheques, FutureFund takes the process online. Donors can donate instantly online with their credit or debit cards.
While some fundraising platforms simply allow you to process donations, others also help you manage donor relationships and records. If this sounds appealing, look for a giving platform that functions as a one-stop-shop for donor management. Your chosen platform should be able to help you create membership campaigns, add customizable membership tiers (as many as you want), and maintain every data securely at the backend. Choosing a fundraising platform with an intuitive user interface can save a lot of headaches. You should be able to design your donation forms and pages with simple copy-paste codes, toggling of switches, and clicking buttons. Nothing that forces you to hire a developer or spend hours learning to use the code.
Schools can have different categories for each grade to keep things fair, and there can even be an exhibition category for teachers. This type of fundraiser is usually the most successful with middle schoolers, but can appeal to high school students as well. It’s a game that’s simple to understand, so the youngest students can take part. This type of fundraiser is best suited for elementary school students, but can work for middle schoolers, too. A week before Valentine’s Day, set up tables where donors can request to have flowers sent to a friend. For this fundraiser, you’ll need volunteers to hand out the flowers on the holiday.
Looking for some low-key no-selling school fundraising ideas? Send out letters to your students’ families and the surrounding community, and solicit donations for your particular project or event. The best seat in the house fundraiser is a very effective high school fundraising idea.